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With more than 10 000 students since its creation, THE PHOTO ACADEMY has achieved a 92% customer satisfaction rate.

Three-digit revenue growth over the past four years, crowned with the success of a fundraising campaign in 2016.


500 000€ successful fundraising campaign end of 2016 to develop internationally.


THE PHOTO ACADEMY has been involved in photography since 2008 and has launched its training program for 6 years, with an increasing number of professional trainers and photographers (more than a hundred in 2016).

10 000+



500 000





THE PHOTO ACADEMY comprehensive offer


Private class

Master class

Year long education



Post production


Darkroom/Film Camera

Street Photography


■ Low investment & fixed costs → “instant” return on investments (In the first 3 months)

■ Very low risks, high profitability

Strong in digital communication (founder background)

Partnership with famous brands and successful startups (Canon, cheerz,etc.)

Strong image and renowned TPA brand License (synergy)

Constant innovation


■ Save time and money when setting up a photo course

■ Stronger visibility

■ Immediate credibility for customers

By joining THE PHOTO ACADEMY License, you will benefit from

 ■ Comprehensive and ready to set-up business model

 ■ Help and support in setting up the organization

 ■ Website, including online booking and payment tools

 ■ SEO and communication expertise

 ■ Business actions know-how

 ■ THE PHOTO ACADEMY support and training

As PHOTOGALERY, If you have an entrepreneurial spirit, good management skills,

full understanding of local communication and Interest in Photography,

"By being THE PHOTO ACADEMY affiliates, we quickly add a new offer in our portfolio of products. We managed to bring added value to our customers who wanted such a service of photo classes." (5 stores in Belgium/Luxembourg + online store)

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Starting - or completing - your business with a licence THE PHOTO ACADEMY gives you the chance to get going and earning money from a well proven business, highly trendy.

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