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 THE PHOTO ACADEMY has been involved in photography since 2008 and has launched its training program for 7 years

 7 Years 

 With more than 14.000 students since launch, THE PHOTO ACADEMY has achieved a 92% customer satisfaction rate.

 + 14.000 Customers

 500.000€ raised in a successful campaign at the end of 2016 for international development.

 500.000 € Fundraising

 We already have 4 businesses with THE PHOTO ACADEMY licenses in London (UK),Bordeaux (France), Quebec City and Montreal (Canada)

4 Licenses

Close to three-digit growth in 2017, crowning a successful fundraising campaign in 2016.

+90% Growth

Our photographers work with us mainly in addition to their profession or full-time work

+200 Photographers

Strong increase in development since the fundraising campaign

44 Cities in 11 Countries


THE PHOTO ACADEMY comprehensive offer


Strong in digital communication (founder background)

Partnership with famous brands and successful startups (Canon, cheerz,etc.)

Strong image and renowned TPA brand Licence (synergy)

Constant innovation

By joining THE PHOTO ACADEMY Licence, you will benefit from

 ■ Comprehensive and ready to set-up business model

 ■ Help and support in setting up the organization

 ■ Website, including online booking and payment tools

 ■ SEO and communication expertise

 ■ Business actions know-how

 ■ THE PHOTO ACADEMY support and training

■ Save time and money when setting up a photo course

■ Stronger visibility

■ Immediate credibility for customers

■ Low investment & fixed costs

■ Very low risks, high profitability

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Claudia Rosen

Our Brand Licence Manager


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